As a first time mom I saw a lactation consultant at the hospital who said my son had a "perfect latch". After a few weeks I spoke with our pediatrician about my son's slow weight gain, stools, and overall eating behavior with breastfeeding. I knew something wasn't right but did not know what. His suggestion was to send us to a GI specialist and switch to formula. Of course I was upset, scared, and concerned for my son's health. Determined to not switch to formula unless absolutely necessary, I called Gail. Gail came to our home and did a full evaluation of our situation. She asked questions, observed, and made sure my goals were discussed.  She discovered that my son was tongue-tied and gently showed me how to breastfeed him through my tears after learning his latch was very poor all this time (due to being tied and me not knowing how to properly help him latch on). We saw IMMEDIATE results! My son's stools were a good color, he began sleeping better, and of course gained great weight! Gail absolutely saved breastfeeding for us, as well as tremendously helped my son get the nutrition he needs. Today my son is thriving thanks to Gail!! We are so appreciative of her gift. 



First day of summer break for us
And ending with frozen milk in the freezer, never used formula!  

"I've wanted to reach out to you many times, being so appreciative of your kindness at what seemed to be such a helpless time for us. I am so fortunate to have come across you. All of your comfort, direction and helpful tips helped Rondell and I pull through at a time when many would have given up. At this time, Rondell just had his 5 month well check up and is weighing in at a strong 17.5 lbs . He is the cutest, chubbiest thing I've ever seen. He's never been supplemented and I'm still satisfying him with just my breast milk. I'm hoping to follow through until he is 6 months and then start him on baby oatmeal. I've had so many people come up to me and ask what i am feeding him because he looks so healthy and I proudly respond, "it's just mommies milk." Of course mommy just swells with excitement and enthusiasm which only came about with all if you encouragement, personal interest and help." April

When I was pregnant, I knew from what I had read that I wanted to breastfeed.  I just did not know where to start.  My insurance gave me Gail's name and number, as well as that of another lactation specialist.  I am so glad I chose to call Gail.  I made my first appointment the week before I was due.  Gail came over with some awesome cookies and with a you-can-do-this attitude that was infectious.  She held my hand through those first few days and weeks.  She came over and was my principal cheerleader.  Gail and her baby scale became my ray of light when it got rough and Kadin's latch was iffy.  Now, if I have any issues at all, I can ask Gail and I get an answer almost immediately.  I meant to go at least three months, then six, and now I am at six and I hope I can go to  one year and more. And I know I can because Gail is still here with me.  She is awesome! 

Best Regards, Keeva

Breastfeeding my son got off to a hard start. I called Gail and she made time for a home visit the day after Christmas. She was even willing to come on Christmas Day just to help me. I felt at ease with her immediately. She coached me to give my son a good feeding. Weighing him before and after gave me piece of mind that he was getting enough. Gail was able to examine my newborn and determine that a tongue tie was possibly the culprit for our difficulties. She encouraged me to ask my pediatrician to examine my son for this. As it turned out, my pediatrician denied it. I felt a second opinion was in order. Gail supplied a list of providers, she offered support by email and phone, which was absolutely vital to me. She fielded every question promptly and effectively. She's been supportive and compassionate. It's been quite a journey. My son has since been treated for a tongue tie and while we are still learning, I feel our breastfeeding relationship has been saved. I couldn't have done it without Gail


Gail was a God-send for me. She spent time helping me get my son to latch on properly, but most importantly she taught me great tricks as to how to do it properly to avoid cracked or sore nipples. She had tons of patience with me in my post-baby emotional state and even was available for support over the phone or text after my visit whenever I needed her!
When it was time for me to go back to work she was able to help me prepare by assisting me in making sure I had the right size flange and gave me great suggestions of how to be most efficient in pumping. Overall she was kind and patient and incredibly helpful. Because of her help I was able to go on to nurse my son for 11 months. I am forever grateful for her assistance.


Gail has been extremely supportive and knowledgeable while I've learned to breastfeed my twins. After many struggles with my first born, I knew I needed help if I wanted to try again.... especially with twins! Gail makes herself as available as possible, responding to emails/texts in a short amount of time. She's always willing to help. 
Gail has been a great supporter and is a genuinely nice person. She is a mom of 6 and a maternity nurse by background. If you are considering BF your baby or you are having any struggles you need help with please reach out to her! She also has many helpful BF tips & videos on her website. 
I am so grateful for her knowledge and passion for what she does.... we're still going almost 6 months in!


Gail was amazingly helpful to me when I brought my first son home from the hospital. He was down from his birth weight and I was struggling not knowing what I was doing. I desperately wanted to breastfeed him, but was unsure of what to do. Gail was reassuring and calm. She was a great teacher, providing demonstrations and providing positive feedback. I felt so comfortable with her and much more confident after her visit. Beyond just an initial visit, Gail is always available to me through e-mail. I come up with new questions almost daily and never hesitate to reach out to her knowing that she will be receptive and quick to reply. She is an amazing resource and kind person! Becca

Having Gail come to my home was so convenient and comfortable. I've seen another lactation consultant and was stressed about driving there with a hungry baby to make sure he would eat at the appointment. Gail is a very warm and maternal figure, which really put me at ease, not easy as a new breastfeeding mom and experiencing problems with latch (which Gail correctly diagnosed as a tongue tie that had not been released during an earlier revision). Gail is as knowledgeable as she is kind, and helped me follow up with a wonderful provider to get my son's tongue tie revised and let me know what I could expect afterwards. I have recommended Gail to all of my expecting and new mom friends, even if they aren't having obvious issues because it is so reassuring to know that you're doing everything you can to give your baby the best, healthiest start in life!- Jamie M

* I do NOT diagnose, I merely state what I see!

I have to start out by saying Gail is amazing!  She has helped me so much and is probably the only reason I am able to still be breastfeeding. She is kind, compassionate and extemely supportive. She was always available for a resource.  The way in which Gail explains the nuances of breast feeding makes it so easy to understand. She really made me comfortable.  Working with Gail was a fabulour decision for me.  I couldn't have gotten through this journey without her. I can't thank her enough.

Jaime      UPDATE  6 months today!!! I have breastfed for 6 months. Thank you for everything !!!!! I couldn't have made it without you!  Jaime H.

Learning to breastfeed wasn’t as easy as the classes and books made it seem. Once I got home from the hospital, I realized I needed help.   I reached out to Gail, and she set up an appointment to come to my house the next day. She showed me how to get my son to latch, and ultimately recognized that my son had a tongue tie.   She referred us to a pediatric dentist, who was able to fix the problem.   Gail came back for a follow up visit and has been more than willingly to answer questions along the way.   Eight months later, I am still breastfeeding.   I couldn’t have done it without her help. 

Breastfeeding my oldest daughter was a breeze. I never imagined having trouble breastfeeding our newest addition. After a month of frustration, I called Gail and received a phone call the very same day to set up a consultation. She came to our home and I immediately felt at ease. She listened to my frustrations and calmly gave the tools I needed to teach our little one to latch. She is just an email or a phone call away to help me with any questions I may have.  We are now successfully breastfeeding and I couldn't be happier"!


Gail has been so helpful to me in my breastfeeding journey! She promptly returned my call and fit me in for a visit upon returning home from the hospital to help with my struggles. Our consultation increased my confidence with breastfeeding and helped encourage me to continue despite the struggles I was having. A few additional visits set me on the right path to breastfeeding success! We are 15 weeks and going strong. I'm forever grateful to Gail and love knowing that she is there if I ever need her in the future! -Melissa Z.

When I bought my tiny newborn home from the hospital I was so scared that I was never going to be able to breastfeed successfully. Not only was he unable to latch on properly, but he also wasn't gaining weight and the doctors were starting to get worried. I received her number from a different consultant I had in the hospital and I could not be happier that I called. She got in contact with me right away and came to my house, which is amazing! We worked on a plan to help my baby boy gain weight and get my production back up. He is right on track now and although we are still working on him latching on without a shield he is doing great! I could not be more grateful for all of her help, not just with the breastfeeding, but she gave me the confidence I needed to keep on going!

Melissa M.

I just wanted to text you to update you a little bit on breast-feeding. On February 26, my daughter latched onto my breast without the nipple shield for the first time ever. For the past almost 4 weeks now, she has been exclusively eating from my breast, and we don't have to do the bottles anymore. I have been holding my breath this entire time, waiting for it to stop working, but it seems like it is finally happening for me. I had to thank you, because without your help and your recommendation to see Dr. Lance, this never would have been a reality for me. Thank you so much! Jen

"No matter the issue or concern related to breastfeeding, I can always feel confident reaching out to Gail and knowing that not only will I feel supported but I will receive excellent care and advice. She is flexible, easily accessible, and a great resource to utilize!"

Gail was a lifesaver for us. She *diagnosed  my baby with a tongue tie and recommended several doctors to do the procedure  to fix it*. Once the procedure had been done, she worked with us to help the baby relearn how to latch. We are now 7.5 months strong with breastfeeding and I owe a lot of that to Gail for her tremendous help!  (anonymous through Survey Monkey ) (* I don’t diagnose, I merely state what I see, and suggest seeing a preferred provider to make any diagnosis and  treatment plan)

Gail was so helpful when nursing my daughter became a problem. She came to our house, listened and observed our situation and then offered some really helpful tips on how to make nursing easier for me & my baby.
I am so thankful to her for all her useful information because now I can continue to nurse & bond with my little girl much more easily.
​ Debra 

Gail has helped me tremendously with my breastfeeding needs for both of my children. She is very accessible and flexible, which is very helpful and necessary when dealing with new babies. Each visit, Gail helped me establish goals that were unique to mine and my babies' needs. I highly recommend Gail and her services! --

Rachel S.

Gail was a tremendous help and overall sense of support since our initial phone call. 
Having her come to my home and help establish a foundation
of whats turning out to be a wonderful breastfeeding relationship was invaluable.  Gail is extremely knowledgeable, was clear and nonintrusive
with her feedback, and her ability to be
supportive, gentle, understanding,
and available to our needs was extremely helpful.  She also was able to clearly and quickly determine my son's tongue tie
and provided us with resources to help
​ resolve the issues at hand.  I give her the credit for helping us have such a
wonderful breastfeeding relationship
and am extremely thankful for her guidance.  My Best, Jeannine

As a new mom, I had so many questions about breastfeeding as well as the baby! Gail was very helpful in answering my questions and giving me the confidence I needed in those first few weeks. She was easily accessible and always reaching out to check in on us to make sure there were no unanswered questions. Her caring attitude made me feel as though I could be successful even in my most discouraging moments!


THANK YOU Gail!  I couldn’t have done it without you. I had difficulties breastfeeding my son for the first 6 weeks; I really don’t know why I waited that long. One day I was almost in tears and was so close to give up. However, I call Gail and she was able to see me the same week. Gail is so knowledgeable don’t hesitate to take her advice. My son couldn’t drink and breath at the same time…it took so long for him to drink a bottle and nursing was so painful. He was even diagnosed with Reflux, he will cough every time he ate and will vomit…it was so overwhelming not to be able to help him. However, Gail point out that Kyle had a mild tongue tie; she referred me to a specialist but I didn’t want my son to have any surgery since he had been hospitalized twice. But besides Gail help Kyle will still have trouble breastfeeding…I knew I had to listen to Gail’s recommendation…thank God I did…after a week of his tongue tie snip, Kyle was a different baby. Kyle was able to nurse correctly, he was able to drink from a bottle without stopping and his Reflux was gone. The doctors have even giving me medicine for baby to drink on a daily basic. He was able to be off the medicine…if it wasn’t for Gail my baby will probably have a lot of eating issues. Thank you so much Gail, Kyle still breastfeeding because of you and he is all healthy! If anyone needs advice feel free to email me carmentruong82@yahoo.com for those who have problems with reflux.


Our daughter was born with hip dysplasia for which she went into a Pavlik harness at 10 days old. If you haven't seen one of these contraptions, it's essentially a huge mess of Velcro straps that keep a baby's hips flexed and rotated out in a frog-leg position. Not the most conducive to cuddling up and nursing in a cradle hold... On an unrelated but complicating note, she was also tongue tied and so was having trouble with her latch just at baseline before the misery of the harness. The hospital had given me a nipple guard at discharge to help her latch, but never really explained how I should eventually wean her off and just feed her naturally without any extra paraphernalia. Breastfeeding was really important to me from day one, both for the wonderful bonding that comes with it, but also for all of the health benefits for our little girl,  but with all of these issues and the sleep deprivation of a new Mom, I didn't know what to do or where to turn, and it was becoming more and more complicated with cracked and bleeding nipples, and a very hungry/unhappy baby who clearly wasn't getting as much food as she wanted through the stupid plastic nipple shield at the weird angle I was trying to feed her.

Enter Gail. First, she is such a kind, sweet and supportive person that as soon as I started talk to her, I felt like she was going to be able to help me and she soothed a lot of my anxiety around nursing; anxiety really does not make any difficult nursing situation easier. Second, when she came to the house for an evaluation (SO nice that she comes to the house- who wants to drive around with a hungry newborn?), she was very knowledgable and calm, and had a ton of very practical suggestions for me that we trouble shot together as she watched me try to nurse. By the end of our visit, I had a clear plan to get off the nipple guard, two new nursing positions that would work with the harness, a name of a doctor that could help with the tongue tie, and finally a little peace of mind feeling that all of this would be manageable. She stayed in contact with me afterwards as well, checking in intermittently and offering further fantastic little tips as other minor issues came and went.My daughter is now 3 months old feeding and growing extremely well, developing beautifully, and has never needed an ounce of formula supplement in her life. While breastfeeding can still be a little tricky, my nipples are healed, and it is finally a process that I have come to really enjoy now that the pain is gone! I am so grateful to Gail for her large role in this accomplishment- we absolutely wouldn't be in the same situation without her! I can't recommend her to other struggling moms highly enough!