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scroll down to find information about filling out your electronic medical chart.

I'll need this done at least 24 hours before the scheduled consult.

Breastfeeding Helper

(267) 879-5000

This is what the app looks like

Lets get started

Once we have already made contact, and scheduled a consult: please go to the App store on your phone or iPad, search for "Mobile Lactation Consultant" app, hit "get"

(the picture above is from the Apple version, but you will be able to find it on an android phone as well)

when it opens, enter "Breastfeeding Helper " in the practice line, then hit CLIENT ACCESS just above that.  (it will ask you to confirm that you mean Gail Dittes  Breastfeeding Helper)

you will now be able  to enter your demographics; medical history; labor and delivery information as well as your baby's details into an intake form, or online chart.  You will also have the opportunity to sign my consent and HIPPA forms (don't worry, you can sign them when I see you)

This app allows you to take a photo of yourself and your insurance cards.  Again, don't worry. I can take a picture of you when I see you, but I will at least need the ID numbers on your insurance card!

Be sure to hit submit at the end, so that the whole chart comes to me electronically!

if you have trouble with the app.....

If you are having trouble with the app you can find a list of the most important questions and email the answers to me. 

list of questions