Why request a consult?

*  You are having pain while     breastfeeding

*  You are struggling with positioning

*  Latching is difficult, uncomfortable    or awkward

*  Your breasts are full and hard longer     than 2 days

*  You are struggling emotionally and     feel discouraged

*  Baby needs to be woken for most    feedings, or is not staying awake to    take a full feeding

*  Baby has lost more than 10% of birth    weight, or is not gaining as    expected

*  Baby is having excessive spit up or    gas and seems to be uncomfortable    after most feedings

*  Baby is not having enough wet and    dirty diapers

*  Baby is not back to birth weight by 2     weeks of age

*  Baby is refusing to nurse, or    refusing one side

*  Your nipples are distorted, or    blanched (white) after feeding

*  Your nipples are bleeding or    cracked

*  You are concerned about your    supply being too low

*  You believe that you have 'too    much' milk, or that baby isn't able to    empty the breasts

*  You are being encouraged to    supplement or you want to stop    supplementing

*  You have questions in general    about breastfeeding, and or    pumping

*  You are experiencing lumps, or hard    areas on your breasts, or flu like    symptoms in addition to breast    soreness and fatigue

*  You need help weaning from a    nipple shield


I am in-Network with the following:



Christian Brothers

Horizon Blue Cross

Keystone Healthplan East

Independence Administrators

Independence Blue Cross


As well as Most out of state Blue Cross Plans


I am able to bill your plan directly

Some plans do not cover lactation, other plans do cover it but place restrictions or limits on the number of consults

It is your responsibility to check with your plan for coverage.

At this time Cigna and United HealthCare do NOT typically cover outpatient lactation consults

What to Expect

I come to your home.  We set a tentative time (morning or afternoon) and then I text you that day to firm up the exact time based on how the feedings are timing that day.   We try to settle on a time about 15 - 30 minutes before you anticipate that your little one will be ready to eat.  I will weigh your baby in nothing but a dry diaper to get a true weight.  

I will observe your feeding and give my suggestions for making it easier or more comfortable for you if that is the case.  I will show you alternative positions and latch techniques.  I will assess the feeding and intake amounts using pre and post feeding weights. 

 With your permission, I will examine your breasts, and any nipple damage, and I will examine your baby's mouth by using a gloved finger to asses suck and mouth structure.  

I will help you develop a plan for your breastfeeding that works for you and your family.

I will demonstrate (with a doll) how to pace feed, and explain the importance of feeding this way. If your baby is taking a bottle, you will be able to practice this feeding method.

I will demonstrate (with a doll) how to do tummy time and why.

I will answer your questions or direct you to appropriate resources.

I will leave you with handouts and a written care plan.

I will follow up with an email containing the typed care plan, any additional handouts and a summary of the visit.

I will be available via text, or email for updates and questions and to schedule follow up consults if desired.

What will it Cost

* may be covered by insurance check your individual plan

Ready to Schedule a Consult?

fill out your contact info here

or Text me at 267-879-5000

give me your name, insurance type, city or town, and a brief messsage about whats going on

or email me at gaildittes@breastfeedinghelper.com 

OR schedule ONLINE now

How to prepare

Ideally your baby will be hungry shortly after I arrive, not just fed!

Have any pillows, nipple shields, you are using, handy 

If you have ANY pets, kindly secure them in a different room during the consult

if this is a back to work consult

have your pump washed and handy, have not just fed or pumped within the previous 60 minutes