If humans are hardwired to breastfeed (we are) and it's been done since the beginning of time, (it has) why am I having so many problems?

 While  breastfeeding has always been natural, that does not mean that it comes naturally, or easily to many moms.  When you give birth, often your midwife, or your nurses, will help you get started with breastfeeding.  Once you are home, friends, family, and  support groups, can usually offer help and suggestions that will resolve many difficulties.  I highly recommend seeking out that support! But for some of you, it may not be enough. 

Because of your circumstances, you may prefer to have a professional give you personalized attention and assistance.  Private practice IBCLCs fill this role. Many moms find that what they need is one-on-one help when they have questions or breastfeeding seems difficult, in spite of all the help or advice they are getting.  Maybe you are getting conflicting advice and it's just confusing!  My personal motto is There are lots of right ways to do things!  But you need help figuring out what is right for you! I may be able to help!


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